Blisters on the feet

Blisters are on the feet can come in many forms and as a result of multiple reasons. The most common to occur is one as a result of friction or rubbing of the skin. This causes the layers in the skin to separate and fluid to build up as a means of the body protecting the area. Excessively tight or loose shoes or ones that are over particularly prominant bony areas of the feet are the usual culprits for blistering to occur.

Treatment for these blisters is firstly to address the cause then to leave if non painful otherwise, a small incision to drain the fluid then keeping covered until healed under the lid of the blister to prevent infections is usually suffice.

Small blisters on the feet which are itchy are often the result of tinea, a fungal infection of the skin. These can also be accompanied by flaking of the skin or even maceration between the toes. For these types of blisters, an anti fungal cream or spray is best and used consistently for a few weeks even after the blisters and itching has cleared to ensure complete eradication of fungal spores.

Blistering and redness can occur around toenails which is often associated with ingrown toenails. These will settle with resolution of the ingrown toenails either by a podiatrist cutting back the offending nail or surgical removal of the side or entire nail.