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Laser Treatment

How Does It Work?

The laser penetrates the nail plate and reaches the infected nail bed. The laser energy is only absorbed by the fungi in the nail bed and not the surrounding tissue. As a result, the increase in temperature will dam­age the cell wall causing the cells to die and inhibit further growth.

No local anaesthesia is needed!

Who Administers the Treatment?

Our professionally trained podiatrists provide the consultation and oversee the laser treatment.

How Long Does It Take?

The FOX laser treatment typically takes 1-3 minutes per nail or 15-20 minutes to treat all 10 nails. Depending upon the severity of the nail fungus, a minimum of 3 treatment sessions may be required.

Will It Hurt?

Vital for the success of the FOX laser treat­ment is the warming of the nail bed to ap­proximately 45°C and that the warmth is maintained for at least 40 seconds. By using a constant mo­tion over the nail, the desired dosage of laser energy can be delivered into the nail bed with minimal patient discomfort.

What Is the Cure Rate?

In clinical studies, improvement has been observed in 68-80% of patients after 3 treat­ment sessions, but there is no guarantee of success. Results depend upon minimizing the risk of recurrence with adequate hygiene.

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