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Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave can help you recover from injury and reduce your pain. Whether you’ve sustained an injury from sports, or you’ve been putting up with an ongoing muscle or tendon pain for years, shockwave may be able to help.

shockwave treatment

Shockwave Can Aid the Following

  • Decrease muscle pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support the body’s healing and repair process in new injuries
  • Reboot the healing process in longstanding conditions or injuries
  • Encourage the formation of new blood vessels
  • Stimulate the regeneration of tendons
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reduce muscle spasticity
  • Disintegrate tendon calcifications

Shockwave uses a handpiece that is placed against the skin to generate acoustic energy waves into the damaged tissue below. It is these waves that generate these beneficial and reparative effects.

Conditions That Shockwave Can Help With

Shockwave Is Seen as a Superior Treatment Option for Musculoskeletal Concerns as It

  • Does not require needles or injections
  • Does not require medications
  • Is non-invasive
  • Does not require surgery
  • Is proven to reduce pain and improve healing
  • Has a relatively short treatment time per session, with no downtime afterwards
  • Stimulates the body’s own processes to improve healing and repair

Is Shockwave Painful?

Certain patients may experience mild tenderness with the shockwave, while others experience no pain at all. Pain experience is subjective.When discomfort or tenderness is felt, it may associated with the level of damage or injury already present.

Is Shockwave Suitable for Everyone?

Shockwave can be used on many conditions and on most patients. If you are pregnant or  have any of the following conditions you cannot have shockwave:

  • Blood clotting disorders or Haemophilia
  • Acute inflammation
  • Altered sensation and nerve damage
  • Had a corticosteroid injection in the target site in the last six weeks
  • Any malignancies
  • Prostheses or implants.

How Do I Know if Shockwave is Right for Me?

Shockwave is one of many options that may be added to the recovery process. There are other interventions that may be used if there is a reason why shockwave may not be suitable for you. Dry needling and joint mobilisation are other options available that are offered at Gait Way Podiatry.

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