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Revere is a stylish and versatile brand of shoes which was founded with the intention of providing high quality orthopaedic footwear for men and women. Their lines include sandals, boots, sneakers, wedges, Mary Janes, workwear, casual wear and more. Revere shoes incorporate built in arch support and a structured midsole, allowing them to cradle and support your foot with each step. They also feature removable insoles, allowing them to be very orthotic friendly. Even the sandals are able to be fitted with orthotics. Revere’s include forefoot cushioning and slip resistant outers for extra comfort and durability. Selected styles also include lightweight designs with leather uppers for a buttery soft feel to avoid chafing. Strap extenders are included with the sandals to ensure that even the hardest to fit feet can wear Revere shoes without compromising the design of the shoe or the health of your feet.