Gait Way Podiatry
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Jacqueline Hendry

Jacqueline Hendry29 years of feet and still loving it. When you can say that you enjoy waking up in the morning and going to work you know it is a passion and not a job. I qualified in South Africa in 1989 where my focus was on running injuries involved with the standard bank comrade’s marathon as well as the rehabilitation of gait pattern as a result of cerebral palsy.

My focus has changed somewhat since immigrating to Australia in 2004. My scope is now broader and focused on keeping people walking pain free and enjoying their activity.

Gait Way Podiatry has evolved from a small clinic to meet the needs of our patients and the community. I pride myself in being able to see a patient, make a diagnosis, if need the x-rays are in walking distance, take a scan, make an orthotic, fit it into a good shoe, all services in house within a reasonable time limit. It is all about the service and the respect to the patient, their condition and time.