When it comes to school shoe shopping time, make sure you go armed with the knowledge and everything you need to pick the right shoes for your child.

  1. Children’s feet grow on average 1-2 sizes per year, so it’s important to have their feet measured before buying new shoes. Always have the shoes fitted for both length and width.
  2. Bring their school socks to make sure the shoes fit comfortably, and try shoes on at the end of the day to account for the natural swelling that occurs throughout the day.
  3. Look for a shoe that has cushioning and arch support. A cushioned heel will absorb shock and protect their young joints.
  4. Toenail length can affect the shoe comfort and fit, so keep your child’s toenails trimmed.
  5. If your child wears orthotics, bring them when trying on shoes to ensure there is sufficient depth to fit the orthotics comfortably.

If you have any concerns about your childrens shoes or foot health, our experienced podiatrists are here to help.

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